TBS X-Racer


Crash with confidence

Outfitted with a self-leveling mode and also a acro-capable beginner mode, this thing is perfect to get your feet wet in the world of FPV drone racing!

Powered by a Unify Pro and Cleanflight means it has the same pedigree and capabilities as its larger bretheren, but packs the crash-proof and care-free aura of a micro brushed drone!

Why settle for locked down drones? Why sacrifice performance for size? Start your FPV drone racing career, and become a pro, without all of the cash wasted.

Domesticated Racing

The XRacer is small enogh to fly through your house, appartment or car park, but packs enough punch to really keep you at the edge of your seat!

The small size and weight ensures that your crib won't look like a tornado hit, despite numerous crashes.

With the big 8.5mm brushed motors we're making sure that as your skill level increases, the fun will not be lost.

It's the first brushed racer that won't start to wobble in a light breeze, or can get picked up by a wind gust to never be seen again.

The increased power makes it a viable beginner for small outdoor race courses, and it's perfect for small garden sessions with your friends, a couple of traffic cones and the TBS RaceTracker.

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