Team BlackSheep Online Store - Micro Spec Race Gate Set - 4 Round Gates
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Micro Spec Race Gate Set - 4 Round Gates

Introducing the Micro Spec Race Gate!

US$ 19.00

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These gates are beautifully visible thru the lens of your Tiny Whoop. I chose what I believe to be the perfect gate size for fast Tiny Whoop racing - with inside dimensions of 19 inches for the circular gate and 19 by 23 inches for the rectangular gate. Both collapse into small circles that measure 11 or 12 inches. Each set of four gates comes with 16 fiberglass rods measuring 18 inches long and 16 universal clips that make it easy to mount your gate a variety of ways.

Have a blast! Be sure to tag me (Jesse Perkins) in your video posts so I can see what courses you guys design!


4 x Roud Gates
16 x Fiberglass Rods
16 x Universal Clips

US$ 19.00