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RotorX RX1105B 6500kv motor

6500kv. 2-3s operation. Mounting hardware included.

US$ 14.99

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The tiny, yet mighty RX1105B series motors are quite simply in a class of their own in regards to performance, size and durability.

Now on to their 7th generation, these super efficient powerhouses are capable of generating massive amounts of thrust.

We worked with T-Motor to optimize this next generation of motors to give the maximum thrust with our RX3020/RX2535 propellers. There is no motor at this size that out performs these powerhouses!

Our frame mounting configuration is available to designers, meaning you can design your own frames to take advantage of these little beasts.

Perhaps most importantly, these micro motors are designed to survive even the hardest of crashes, allowing you to stay in the air longer and have less replacement costs.

- Includes mounting hardware

RX1105B - 6500kv - 2-3s operation - RX3020 or RX2535 propellers

US$ 14.99