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Inventor FPV Sparrow Knight - R 220

The Sparrow Knight racing frame by Inventor FPV uses an underslung battery configuration as well as an aerodynamic body to provide incredible stability and unmatched speed.

US$ 170.00

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The Sparrow Knight R 220 is the latest offering from Inventor FPV & QuadQuestions.  Featuring a minimalistic, sexy design, advanced manufacturing technology, and low AUW, this frame sets a new standard for quality and design in racing drones.  The design is a perfect mix of style and strength, protecting sensitive electronics, and surviving the harshest of crashes. 

The Sparrow Knight is one of the best packages in the FPV racing frame market right now. As it combines a sleek, underslung configuration and incredible stability, it is sure to turn heads all over town. 

*Camera not included. 


  • Aerospace grade Carbon Fibre moulding technology
  • Sophisticated camera cage design - (Adjustable angle from 0.deg - 50.deg)
  • 10 degrees motor tilt
  • Replaceable arm, 220mm size for 5 in props
  • First 100 set will included 3D printed TPM go pro Mount in black colour

Package Contents

  • Sparrow Knight - R220 3D moulded Carbon Fiber Airframe
  • Stainless Steel Screws + Standoffs Set
  • Ultra durable POM molded Light shell & SMA holder combo
  • Ultra durable POM molded landing pad
  • 2x2 Addressable LED board
  • Inventor FPV Battery Strap

US$ 170.00