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FalconMultirotors Raggio Lungo (Session)

US$ 99.99

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Designed by SFPV.

Collaborated on every aspect of this frame with Colby Curtola, AKA SFPV. Colby wanted the ultimate long-range 6" quad, and we spent countless hours hashing out every possible detail to make it a reality.

Stealth helicopter

Who says big frames have to be ugly?

Raggio was designed to be an efficient long range workhorse, but didn’t want to sacrifice function for form. Raggio's unique arms and camera mounts will make you proud to put the Raggio on your mantle after a hard day of flying. Imagine if a Lamborghini and a stealth attack helicopter had a baby; while that might be the stuff of beautiful nightmares, falconmultirotors think it would come out looking something like Raggio.

Multiple HD mount options

Although Raggio was designed specifically for the GoPro Hero 6 and 6" props, falconmultirotors also offer a mount for the more common GoPro Session that enables 7" props. With tear-resistant GoPro mounts that are printed on their side and a unique carbon plate sandwich that secures the TPU mount to the frame, your HD cam will never come off in a crash.

Roomy or lowrider, you choose.

Raggio ships with both 15 and 20mm standoffs, so you can slam your build with an AIO board or go roomy for stacks that include larger components, such as the TBS PowerCube Elite.

In both configurations, Raggio has ample room for a Unify and Crossfire, with no smashing or sandwiching required.

Not afraid to accessorize.

A host of accessories, such as booties, battery protectors, GoPro mounts, antenna mounts, and more are all available on Thingiverse.

Get accessories at Thingiverse.


  • Wheelbase - 300mm
  • Prop size - 6" with Hero 6, 7" with Session
  • Weight - 150g
  • Arm Dimensions - 4.5mm thick, 10mm wide
  • Stack height - 15mm or 20mm

Compatible Parts


Raggio supports 30.5mm FCs . Recommend using an AIO board to keep your stack low, maintaining the center of gravity of the design. As this frame was designed with long range in mind, you may want to consider using the Power Cube Elite Stack. This bundle allows for plug and play TBS GPS and comes with a TBS Unify Pro HV built in for those 800mW flights!

  • TBS PowerCube Elite
  • Holybro Kakute V2


Most 20-35A ESCs will mount cleanly on the arms with no overhang. When built with the included 20mm standoffs, there is plenty of room in the center fuselage for a 4-in-1 ESC / FC stacks. Our recommended set up is a low kV motor running 6S LiPo, so make sure your ESC’s are 6S capable. Suggest using VHB between the ESC and the arm, then adding heatshrink to secure the ESC to the arms (leaving the motor pads accessible in case you need to swap motors).

  • Spedix HV 30A
  • T-motor F30 2-6S V2


The ideal set up for long range rigs are lower kV motors that will pull less amps and give you plenty of flight time to reach the mountain top.

  • T-motor F40 Pro 2 1600kV
  • PyroDrone HyperLite 2405-1922 Long Range Edition
  • TBS Endurance Motors


The Raggio was designed to carry a longer battery than people are used to with those super light race frames. Raggio is designed to mount the battery on the top, with slots for two battery straps giving you that extra bit of confidence that your battery will stay snug. There is plenty of width on the top plate for those fat 6S batteries that most top pilots are running on their long range rigs.

  • CNHL 1500mAh 6S 100C
  • Gensace 1800mAh 6S 60C
  • PULSE 1800mAh 6S 45C


Go Crossfire or failsafe trying.


Raggio was designed around the RunCam Micro Swift, and the Foxeer Micro fits as well.


Recommend using the TBS Unify Pro HV, due to its unrivaled reliability and ability to run at 800mW.

US$ 99.99