Bring your DISCOVERY along with you. Matches the size of maximum allowed cabin luggage, fits all your FPV and airborne equipment, as well as all the vital spare parts.

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NOTE: In the EU this is available via OneDrone. A slight variant of this case for US customers is available at Go Professional Cases.

The official TBS DISCOVERY aluminum travel case is finally here. It was engineered specifically for the TBS DISCOVERY. The pre-cut inserts protect your DISCOVERY and the pluckable foam section at the top can be completely customized thanks to pluckable foam. When we travel we utilize this area to store goggles, groundstation, ground station antennas, and a pair of diapers to avoid "brown pants" moments.

The foam is rigid, but can easily be cut with a carpet knife to accept GPS mounts and whatever else your DISCOVERY is lucky enough to carry through the air. The DISCOVERY compartment is further covered with a separate section of foam for protection and also some privacy for Mr. DISCO from the spying eyes of evil airport security :)

You can fit up to 3 batteries inside the bottom section. Two spares and one in the model - which is what airport security seems to clear without too much discussion. Contrary to international law, of course, which is actually unrestricted on LiPos the right size for the DISCOVERY.

Some further smarts went into the dimensions. We followed the maximum allowed size for carry-on, to maximize the size but minimize the cost of having to pay separately for excess check-in luggage.

In short: this is how we travel. We've taken this suitcase across the globe and back in our beta testing, and we had a lot of fun in between. No more nasty surprises when arriving at destination and the DISCOVERY got the "soccer team" treatment.

Pre-cut foam accepts:

  • 2x TBS LiPo 3.3Ah 4S - 4.5Ah 4S
  • 4x 9x5 or 10x5 Graupner E-Props
  • 1x Video transmitter antenna

We suggest to place the R/C transmitter and ground station batteries either in your backpack or into a separate transmitter case for airline travel.

Size: 54cm x 48cm x 22cm

*Updated to accept the TBS Discovery PRO Gimbal frames.

US$ 19.95