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TBS GoPro3 A/V Cable

Connect the GoPro3 to the TBS CORE, TBS DISCOVERY or TBS CORE PNP line of products. Supports charging the GoPro3 while connected. Be careful, make sure that your camera port is configured to 5V before connecting this to your GoPro3!

US$ 7.95

Delivery time: In stock

Connect your GoPro3 image to the video transmitter via the TBS CORE. Charges your GoPro3 while connected.

Length: 25cm excluding connectors.

Plugs directly into the TBS DISCOVERY bottom plate and TBS CORE PNP. Can be soldered onto the TBS CORE. Only compatible with GoPro3.

Please remember to change the camera supply voltage to 5V before powering this up!

US$ 7.95